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Hello CCO,

I am pleased to announce the details of our upcoming annual Winter Meeting (Virtual).

Dec 16th
Only a couple of days since my last update and the schedule is tentatively full. However don't let that stop you from stepping forward! We can add one or two more with rubber clocking.

Among the organizers we discussed inviting a talk about Cycle 25 forecasts/predictions. That isn't really necessary now since Contest University is having that very talk by K9LA at noon January 23. Details and registration:

There are many good amateur radio conferences and presentations on contests, DX and other topics to be found on YouTube, Zoom and elsewhere. Look around. The CCO video conference is unique by primarily focussing on ourselves.

73 Ron VE3VN

Dec 14th
This event is going ahead. As of now I have 4-1/2 confirmed speakers. Once I hit 6 I'll stop, unless I am suddenly inundated with talk proposals!
With 6 talks my tentative plan (technology permitting) is for 3 time slots, and you'll have to choose which of the two in each you want to attend.
There will be a separate and common slot for the CCO business meeting, deferred from its usual August time. Conference duration on Feb 6th should be from 3 to 4 hours.

Consider this a last call for speakers. Right now we have palm trees, ice, antennas, contests, etc. I can't believe more of you don't want to share a good story about contests, technology you're playing with, or a favourite antenna.
Don't be shy, and please get in touch. I plan to firm up the schedule and publish it in early January.
Logistics and registration/passcodes will follow later in January.

73 Ron VE3VN


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